Friday, August 25, 2006

Clyde's Emerson
(Completed Summer 2009)

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Clyde's Emerson (9' tall)

Clyde's Emerson (exterior - 7' tall)

Clyde's Emerson (interior)

The multiple images of a zoetrope, installed inside of a 1950's Emerson TV, revolve around a Buddha figure sitting at the center. Visually held in placed by a pair of strobe lights, the images give the appearance of a single animated face, changing from life to death to life again.

Replicated visual effect of the zoetrope
(Video created by Carol wright)

Detail (exterior)
Pulling the lever on the right activates the zoetrope & strobe within the TV

Detail (exterior)

Detail (exterior)

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Detail (interior)

Detail (interior)

Turtle shell face of interior figure
(features enhanced with oil paint)

Detail (Interior)

Detail (interior)

Elijah & Talia
Children exploring "Clyde's Emerson (TV")