Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The Inspired Heart" - Audio Book Now Available

Audio Book
By Wetware Media
Listen to excerpt
$15.00 (includes shipping and handling)
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The audio book Includes 4 bonus chapters not found in the original book.

A heart shaped stone. A memory wafted in the scent of a summer breeze. A tune you hum without thinking. These are just some of the mystical ways Jerry's stories carry themselves. Jerry speaks from the place where the magical and holy intersect with the practical and everyday. The name of that intersection? It is, "transformation."
- Mary anne Radmacher, author/artist -

About the Audio Book

The Inspired Heart by Jerry Wennstrom is a uniquely creative recording produced by Wetware Media. The main text of the audiobook is read by the author and is interspersed with interesting voices reading the different parts of the book. Thomas Moore's foreword is read by voice professional Kendall Hubbard, the Chapter titles are read by Marilyn Strong, Rainer Maria Rilke's poem, situated at the end of the book, is read by Bernd Label in Rilke's regional accent and the uniquely original music that subtly weaves its' way throughout the recording is by musician, poet Steven Roues.

You may recall, Steven Roues "Mud" is co-author of the book, Landscape of the Misty Eye and contributes poetry for the monthly articles Jerry writes for Inferential Focus.

Mud plays with a group "Upsouth Twisters"
Mud plays base and harmonica and his brother Billy is on guitar.
Here's an Early Video with the group Broadcasters - "Down in the Trenches,"

Steven (Muddy Roues) playing with B. B. King at the Monterey Jazz Festival