Monday, July 2, 2012

Pictures Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, Children's Museum & Motorcycle Tour

Host, Efrat Livny (Art at the Threshold) and Jerry preparing for 
Jerry's Chazen Museum of Art Lecture

Museum director, Anne Lambert introducing Jerry at the
Chazen Museum of Art

Efrat Livny's Introduction

 Jerry's lecture and slide show at the Chazen Museum of Art

Jerry speaking on the Chazen's collection
 (Art by El Antsui)

       Jerry speaking on the Chazen's collection.

I knew I was in the right place when I opened the drawer
of one of the Chazen's art pieces and discovered a dehydrated cat.
(I received one in the mail just like it from a patron
who thought I might like to use it for one of my art pieces.)

 Jerry speaking about Joseph Cornel's "Sun Box"

Gathering materials at the Children's Museum
Jean Scott-Horning, Efrat Livny & Jerry

Efrat, Amanda Holtz & Jean

Jean & Jerry in the roof garden of the Children's Museum

    Creating art with children 

Jerry's lecture at the Arboretum
Introduction by Jean Scott-Horning
 Arboretum audience

Events Sponsored by:
Madison Arboretum 

St. Michael's Episcopal Church
(Barrington, Ill) 

Thank you friends, for taking these pictures! 

Playing after the Madison events
 Ferry to "Spirit Lake" (some call it "Devil's Lake")
Ken, Jerry,  Efrat, Harvey
 Gibraltar Rock, Madison, WI

 Gibraltar Rock

 New York Motorcycle Tour 2012
In the Catskill Mountains 
Jessica (niece) and Jerry

Jessica with Jerry's brother John