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Museo Gallery Winter Show 2018

Museo Gallery Winter Show 2017
More art HERE

Three Graces (6'-7+' tall)
Opening Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jerry will be exhibiting his latest,  "Three Graces," at Museo Gallery's Winter show.   "Three Graces" can be seen in more detail in the "Woman Standing" series. 

Rebelle Society 
"A Loss of Power and Freedom just before an Inspiring Breakthrough" 
Interview by

Interviews with Jerry Wennstrom 
Michelle Bond
WBLQ 1230 (Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York)

Currently on line, listen  HERE

August 29th 8:00am PST
Currently on line HERE 

Currently on line HERE


Monday March 24, 2014 at 2:30 pm PST


Dr.Lisa Hurtt Radio  
Thursday 3:00pm PST (date to be announced)

Museo Gallery Art Show 
Komikon - January/February 2013
KomokonBrightening up the cold days of January, Museo’s iconic winter show “Komikon” seeks to explore the impact comic books, cartoons, graphic novels and various forms of computerized animation have had on the arts. 
Be prepared to see superheros never before revealed.  Creatures, both known and unknown, will festoon the gallery walls.  Is there a dark side to Mickey Mouse, will the Queen of Hearts prevail over Alice,  can White Out Man erase past mistakes?  Twenty-five artists will contribute to the exhibit.
Don your costume and head down to Museo on January 19th for the opening reception.  Expect surprises and come ready for fun from 5 to 7 PM. This opening will replace the February 2 usual opening date.
The gallery will be closed January 1 through the 18th to prepare for this exciting show.
215 First Street/P. O. Box 548
Langley, WA 98260
http://www.museo.cc Open 11-5, Tuesdays by appt.

 "Just Art" - A New Video
Music by Susan McKeown, Natalie Merchant and Marilyn Strong
(Thank you for allowing us to use your music.)

Chazen Museum of Art
In the Hands of Alchemy:

The Art and Life of Jerry Wennstrom

Madison, Wisconsin Visit June 14-17,  Public Events
Lecture and Museum Tour at the Chazen Museum of Art
Thursday, June 14, 5:30 p.m., Chazen Museum of Art, 750 University Avenue, Auditorium
A lecture with images of Jerry’s visionary multi-layered, interactive sculptural figures, gleaned and transformed from found and created objects, followed by a discussion of artworks in the Chazen permanent collection that make similar use of found/recycled/reclaimed objects.

Hands-on workshop at the Children’s Museum
Friday, June 15, 1:00-3:00 p.m., Madison Children’s Museum, 100 N. Hamilton Street
Join Jerry in a fun and fascinating process of creating an art piece from recycled and repurposed materials. You can bring some of your own objects to add to the museums rich supply.
Children and adults are invited.

UW Arboretum
Life on the Threshold
Presentation and Dialog: Jerry’s Journey
Saturday, June 16, 2:00-4:00 p.m. UW Arboretum McKay Visitor Center Auditorium
1207 Seminole Highway

Jerry is an artist who found the courage to base his life on following the truth of his creative spirit. Through a cycle of death and rebirth of his creative vision, Jerry has been initiated into a place of mystery that is reflected in his artwork and his life, touching the vast complexities of the collective unconscious. His stories and insights deeply move and inform.

A donation of $10-$25 is requested.

Events sponsored by Art at the Threshold (www.artatthethreshold.org), UW-Madison Office of Human Resource Development and UW-MANIAC (Madison Area Network for Innovation and Collaboration)

WORT Madison Radio Interview with Jerry
 “Eight Oclock Buzz”
with Jonathan Zarov
Friday, June 8th, 10:00PT

St Michaels Church Barrington, Ill


June 23-24 Center Heart
Presentation and Dedication
Jerry's Art Piece Entitled "Center Heart" Moves into 
Center Heart's New Facility
4438 Rt 27, 2nd Floor
Kingston, NJ

For more information

Steampunk Art Show

2012 Museo Gallery Steampunk

2012 Museo Gallery Steampunk

Videos by Robbie Cribbs

Here is a little about an art show Jerry is participating in this month.
Gala Opening ~ Saturday, January 28th, from 5 to 7pm
This January and February MUSEO will feature works primarily by local artists during its “Steampunk” show.
The Art works are both two-dimensional and sculptural, reminiscent of the spirit of adventure, invention, and craftsmanship of the early 19th century.
These themed shows are intended to be inspirational to artists, have a dark and light side, and inspire costumes and performance art during the artist’s reception.
Don your top hat, Victorian clothing and jewelry, and head on down to Museo for this gala opening on Saturday, January 28st from 5 to 7 pm.
The show will run through February 27th.
(360) 221-7737
215 First Street
Langley, WA 98260
Winter hours at the gallery are:
Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and speculative history. Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually Victorian era Britain or “Wild West”-era United States—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology or futuristic based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, etc.
Various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by individual artisans into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style, and a number of visual and musical artists have been described as steampunk.

The Alchemist
Jerry Wennstrom
9’ X 2 ‘X 2’
The Alchemist has several lighted chambers and a windowed door that accesses a working steam engine.

There is a lighted red crystal slowly spinning behind a brass chambered nautilus in the heart area of the piece. In what would be the pubic area of the Being, there is a bronze door with a 3 dimensional skull cast into it.

Inside the door is a gas burner. When a fire is lit in this chamber, a small boiler is heated, which activates a steam engine situated just below the heart area of the Being. Once the steam engine is running, the piece comes alive. A small Goddess dances in the compartment where the steam engine is housed. The exhaust from the steam engine comes steaming out of the mouth of a carved face in the middle of the art piece. The steam that condenses into water drips into a brass funnel and is recycled into the steam boiler.

In the right hand of the Being is a glass crystal. Turning the crystal opens the upper chamber revealing a carved mask with wild hair. When the door opens the mask comes out of its chamber, looks around and then returns to the box. There is a hidden control panel on the side of the piece with buttons on it. When a button is pushed, the Being does something that sounds like Tibetan chanting. The sound is made from a series of 12 buzzers placed in sets of 2 that run the full length of the piece. The buzzers go off in sequence up and down the length of the box. Because of the overall “V” shape of the piece the buzzers resonate at a slightly different pitch in the different areas of the box.
Here are a few other items you might be interested in:

In the Hands of Alchemy
is currently featured in
Art Mystery and the Creative Life

Features several of our video excerpts
on an inspirational series called Bliss Breaks
German Artist Alex Zondro creates images
using Jerry’s art “Nurse Log” 
See Alex’s amazing creation
Spiritual Media Blog
Features Pacifica Video Lecture
Selfless Being Blog
The Inspired Heart and video features


Pacifica Graduate Institute
Santa Barbara, CA"Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life"
A lecture and media presentation by Jerry Wennstrom
Depth Psychology Program
Contributing Faculty Lecturers include:
Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.,
Ph.D., Evans Lansing Smith, Ph.D., Robert D. Romanyshyn; Allen Bishop, Ph.D., Carol S. Pearson and Jerry Wennstrom

to a
past lecture with theResidential Humanities
Program lecturers include:
Rick Tarnas, Marion Woodman, Jerry Wennstrom, and Evans Lansing Smith.

Non-Duality Magazine
Interview and Art Feature with Jerry Read on line HERE

It is not a documentary this time but a feature length film, done with actors. The film is being directed by award winning Danish film director Hans Fabian Wullenweber.
See film trailers and

Recent Past Event & Media Interviews

Global Forest Interview
Jerry Wennstrom's - Interview with Richard Whittaker of Works & Conversations is
currently on line.

A.I. is a Hollywood Based Celebrity Magazine
which also celebrates the life and art of its late Uruguayan cofounder

More on Mauricio HERE

Jerry got to know Mauricio over the last years of his extraordinary life.

He was a gentle, loving and brilliant man -- creative in every way.

His work lives on through the dedicated efforts of his loving mother, Marisa Darnel.

All Things Healing
 is doing a major feature of Jerry's work, which will include Interviews, video, articles and a review of The Inspired Heart.

Here are a few of items recently posted:


Art feature, article and interview with Jerry
Log in:
Pass Word - pure

"Conversation with Jerry Wennstrom"
Interview by Marie Sakai

Art:"Angels & Demons"


"Reverent Generosity"
"What is Your Intent"

Creative Imperative
Video with David Whyte and Jerry Wennstrom

Creation's Quiet Whisper
by Jerry Wennstrom
Article and art feature
Currently on the Soulful Living web site

click on image to enlarge
Light of Consciousness Magazine
November 2010 Issue
Article and Art Feature
"In the Hands of Alchemy"

1- NEW on Non-Duality Street
"Nurse Log" an article and art piece by Jerry

2- Non-Duality Street
"The Singular Requirement of Grace"
An Interview and are feature with Jerry
Read on line HERE

Interview with Jerry
Read On line HERE

Agora Magazine
"Creative Wandering: A Deeper Service"
Feature Article by Jerry in the April-May Issue
A Canadian Publication

click on poster to enlarge
The Mythic Journeys Film Features
sculptures and early paintings.

click on image to enlarge

Role of the Artist in Society
Deepak Chopra and Jerry Wennstrom

A Video Excerpt Showcasing Jerry's Art

The Creative Imperative
(Video by Richard Miller)

Evita Ochel Interviews Jerry
www.Evolving Beings.com
Also on YouTube

Bela Sparks Magazine
"Surrendering to the Mystery:
An Interview With Artist Jerry Wennstrom
March/April Issue
You Can Read the Article on Line HERE

The Magic of Being Magazine
Feature Article "Creative Wandering: A Deeper Service"
by Jerry Wennstrom
Currently on line HERE

WORT Madison, Radio Interview with Jerry
 “Eight Oclock Buzz”
with Jonathan Zarov
Friday, June 8th, 10:00PT

Recent Past Event & Media Interviews

WORT Madison Radio Interview with Jerry
 “Eight Oclock Buzz”
with Jonathan Zarov
Friday, June 8th, 10:00PT

March 18th at 1:00pm PST

Dr. Jennifer Blog
Interviews Jerry

Author Jerry Katz Interviews Jerry on his Radio Show
Currently on Line HERE

Listen HERE
Interview with Jerry

Joan M. Newcomb Interviews Jerry
Listen HERE

Helen Smalley-Bower's Interview with Jerry is Being Rescheduled for October
Please Check HERE for Updates

Radio Interview with Jerry

Radio Interview with Jerry
Radio interview with Jerry (Live show)

"Emotional Pathways" Radio Juliet Rohde-Brown interview with Jerry

BBS Radio. There are no equals! Get Archive Access Now
BBS Radio's Spirit of the New Dawn
 Listen to Interview  Here

An Interview and Art Feature with Jerry on Creativity Portal

"Where Writers Work" "Where Writers Work"
Jerry's Desk

Marilyn's feature article in the Whidbey Record is now on line

Inferential Focus - New York City

A presentation with Vicki Robin and
Jerry Wennstrom
Vicki is best selling co-author with Joe Dominguez of "Your Money or Your Life"

Read the response by Inferential Partner, Ken Hey to the event on Vicki's Blog~~~~~*~~~~~

Stay Inspired “Friend Raising” Event
March 25th at the Tibet House, 22 West 15th St. , New York City 6 - 9 PM. The event is in the lovely Art Gallery on the second floor. Jerry Wennstrom, artist and noted speaker will be on hand to share his inspiring story. Storyteller Laura Simms, singer Marilyn Strong and Stephen Roues will perform.

The Inside Edge Foundation for Education, University of C.A. Irvine
A Creative Experience With Marilyn Strong and Jerry Wennstrom

Matt Welsh Interviews Jerry on Spiritual Media
See Google Video HERE


Mariel Hemingway
interviews Jerry
on Healthy Life Radio
Listen HEREFeatured on Anameka's Radio Show


New Dimensions Radio
Hosts of New Dimensions Radio Justine and Michael Toms
(Listen to Interview with Marilyn & Jerry HERE)


Lynn Andrews interviews Jerry on Kindred Spirits Radio

Listen HERE

Dr. Pat interviews Marilyn Strong
FM 98.9 HD 3 and KKNW AM 1150 Seattle
Listen Here

The Dr. Pat Radio ShowListen HERE

Margaret Wendt Radio Show
"Jerry Wennstrom - One Man on a Spiritual Journey"
Listen HERE

Kaleah interviews Jerry
Sedona Talk Radio

Listen HERE

Maryann Live Radio interview with JerryListen HERE

WebTalkRadio.net Host
Nora Klaver
Interviews Jerry on Brainstorms Radio
Listen on Line

Wisdom of the Labrynth Radio
Robin Bradley-Hansel's interview with Jerry

Listen on Line HERE

WebTalkRadio.net Host
Kimberly Schneider
Interviews Jerry on Conscious Manifesting
Currently on Line

Jordan Mercedes interview with Jerry on
Thrive In Balance Radio

Listen HERE

Interview with Jerry on
w/ Juan P. Girardi
Listen HERE

Deborah Beauvais interviews Jerryhttp://www.wbnw1120.com/Listen HERE

Explore Your Spirit Radio
Kala Interviews Jerry
Listen HERE


Gail Bongalis interviews Jerry
Universal Hope Radio

Catherine VanWetter Interviews JerryInspirations of the Heart Radio
Listen HERE
Heart of the Matter Blog Feature

Host Joe Carroccio
Interview with Jerry Achieve Radio

Dr Ed Poole
The Lessons Guy
Radio interview with Jerry
Listen HERE

And Now We Talk Radio
June 22nd 2009 at 7:00pm (pst)
Hannah Shears and Marlene Chapman Interview Jerry
Listen HERE

The Dr. Kim Show
Healthy Life.net Radio
Dr. Kim author of "Healing the Rift" interviews Jerry
Listen HERE

Laura Moon Interviews Jerry On Full Moon Radio
Listen HERE

Fog Horn Radio
Jim Nebel ("The Detox Guy") interviews Jerry
Listen HERE

Nancy Lee's interview with Jerry on
Lights on Radio

Listen on line HERE

Wendy Garrett interviews Marilyn
Listen HERE

Laurie Huston Interviews Jerry on Intuitive Soul Radio
Listen HERE

Radio - A Fresh Start with Sally Felton

Planetary Spirit Radio - (Interview with Marilyn and Jerry)

Turning of the Wheel Radio Chris Flisher

Interview With Jerry on Internet Voices Radio with Lilianne Caldwell
Listen- HERE
Future Primitive Radio- Gaialogues Interview with Marilyn and Jerry
Listen HERE

Judyth Piazza
Interviews Jerry on "The American Perspective"

www.thesop.org (also on WTTB)
Listen HERE

Conscious Manifesting Radio
With Kimberly SchneiderThe Interview with Jerry is onCurrently on LineHERE

Interviews Jerry on

Interview With Carolin Ra

With host Basima Farhat
Interview With Jerry
Listen HERE

Live Radio Interview with Marilyn and Jerry
Good Vibrations with Tracey Schavone
KKCR Kaua`i Community Radio
Hanalei, Kauai, HI

Creative Living with Jamie
Jamie Ridler Interview with Jerry

Conscious Living Radio Interview with Jerry hosted by Sandy Jorgensen is currently available on Podcast-

October 8th 2008 9:00pm EST (6:00PST)
A1R Radio With David James
Interview with Jerrywww.ask1radio.com

Past Events

Art as a Spiritual Practice
Unitarian Universalist Church
Whidbey Island, WA
A lecture by Jerry with music by Marilyn


Women of Wisdom"Descent to the Goddess: Reclaiming our Creative Depths"
with Marilyn Strong

Art Spirituality and the ArtistThe Artist Trust
A film Event and Talk
Eileen Day
Jerry Wennstrom

Artist Trust
1835 12th Avenue


Click on image to enlarge
Exploring the meaning, paradox & ultimate gift in the
An Evening of Music, Film and Inspiring Dialogue

With Sarah Blum, Marilyn Strong,
Bette Joram & Jerry Wennstrom



“Appointment with the Wise Old Dog” By David Blum (29-min) With introduction by Yo-Yo Ma (David’s widow Sarah Blum will be present to speak about the film.)

I have studied and meditated on David Blum’s extraordinary documentation of his dreams and inner work – the immense gifts that were given to him from his unconscious and poured into images and music. We are intrigued on all levels – emotional, imaginal, intellectual. Our hearts are split open as we watch the process of the inner marriage. - Marion Woodman.
David Blum had given a wondrous gift to the world with this film. Here is astounding evidence that as a body recedes, soul carries on sustained entirely by images. -Robert Sardello, Ph.D

“In the Hands of Alchemy: The Art and Life of Jerry Wennstrom”

(29-min) By Phil Lucas & Mark Sadan

There is a real difference in human beings who have let themselves be thrown to the ground by life. Jerry did that with an intentional act with his art. He is on the other side of that kind of psychic death and renewal. He really is a kind of phoenix who has risen from the ashes. -Christina Baldwin

"In the Hands of Alchemy is a delightful film, an alchemical mixture in itself of inspiration, spirituality, art and the story of a remarkable human being." -David Spangler

“A Family Undertaking” by Elizabeth Westrate
Excerpts from this special PBS film will be shown during Marilyn Strong’s presentation.

What is old is often new again. Elizabeth Westrate's "A Family Undertaking" uncovers a growing social trend: the home funeral movement. - PBS


Kauai Museum
Click on image to enlarge

Kauai Museum in Hawaii
In the Hands of Alchemy
Film Presentation and Lecture by Jerry Wennstrom
Live Music By Marilyn Strong

Art as Meditation with Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong


Peace Abbey


Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies/Western Washington University
May 7th Film Presentation, Music and Lecture with Marilyn and Jerry
Thank you to our host - Dana Crowley Jack

The Following is a lecture Jerry gave at The Inside Edge Foundation for Education, University of C.A.
You can see a video of Marilyn's Introduction and song on their web site

Click on images to enlarge
The Light that Never Dims - A former story, music and art event with Vi Hilbert at the Whidbey Institute (from left to right) Christina Baldwin, Laura Simms, Allison Cox, Rebecca Chamberlain, Vi Hilbert, Jerry Wennstrom and Marilyn Strong

"E" Magazine Interview with Jerry - Here
And Other Tidbits

Jerry Writes monthly articles for Inferential Focus, a NYC think tank/consulting firm. Mythic Passages Ezine features many of the articles HERE as well as an interview with Jerry.

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